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Process Systems Enterprise gPROMS 3 40

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gPROMS is the leading Advanced Process Modelling environment for the process industries. It can be applied across many application areas in all process sectors. gPROMS's process modelling, process simulation and optimisation capabilities are used to generate high-accuracy predictive information for decision support in product and process innovation, design and operation. It is applied by major process and technology organisations throughout the world, as well as for research and teaching at 200 academic institutions worldwide. gPROMS has many major advantages over other modelling systems on the market, resulting from its modelling power and the sophistication of the models it is possible to create.

gPROMS is an equation-oriented modelling system used for building, validating and executing first-principles models within a flowsheeting framework.

Models are constructed in the gPROMS ModelBuilder by writing down the fundamental chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, operating procedures and other relationships that govern the process or product behaviour.

The resulting model is then validated against observed data — typically, laboratory, pilot plant or operating data — to adjust model parameters such as heat transfer coefficients to match reality as closely as possible.

Of course, it is not necessary to create a model from scratch every time – you can use one of the many state-of-the-art gPROMS model libraries, or create your own library for publishing throughout your organisation.

Solution accuracy – for multiple applications

The first-principles approach combined with rigorous validation results in models of unprecedented accuracy.

Once a model exists, it can be solved in many different ways to perform many different activities – for example, steady-state simulation, dynamic simulation, parameter estimation, model-based experiment design, steady-state and dynamic optimisation, including integer optimisation, or generation of linearised models for use in control and online optimisation, across the process lifecycle.

This means that once you have invested in creating an accurate gPROMS model of your process you can use that model wherever it can generate value, to ensure multiple return on investment.

The gPROMS family

gPROMS is a family of products, comprising:
gPROMS ModelBuilder – for constructing, validating (against data), executing and maintaining high-fidelity process models. ModelBuilder provides advanced custom modeling capabilities within a process flowsheeting environment.
The gPROMS Objects – software objects for executing gPROMS models within engineering software environments such as Aspen PlusTM, PRO/II®, MATLAB® Simulink®, FLUENT® and STAR-CD®.

gPROMS Advanced Model Libraries – high-fidelity process models for reaction, gas-liquid separation, solution crystallisation and fuel cell component and system modelling, plus many more sophisticated models for processes as diverse as waste pyrolysis, polymers, polysilicon manufacture and more.
the gPROMS domain solutions – specialist tools for process specialists, including gFLARE, gSOLIDS and gFuelCell.
gSAFT advanced thermodynamics properties for associating fluids and high-molecular-weight components.
The gPROMS options – physical properties, hybrid gPROMS-CFD interface tools and more.

PSE ModelCare

PSE recognises that creating high-accuracy process models requires expertise in many different domains – chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, hydrodynamics and modelling and numerical solution itself.

That is why we provide the ModelCare service.

ModelCare aims to help companies deliver fit-for purpose modelling applications rapidly, while transferring modelling know-how to customer organisations.

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Process Systems Enterprise gPROMS 3 40
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